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We are Vasakronan.

We own, develop and manage commercial buildings in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg and Malmö. Our vision is the good city where people feel happy and at home and where businesses grow and develop.

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Everyone wins when we win.

Our job is to make sure that our owners, The First, Second, Third and Fourth AP-fund, have a return of investment which is as high and risk free as possible, for current and future pensioners. However, never at the expense of the environment, people or the community we serve. The profit we make, is a profit to be shared by many. Most probably it includes you, too.

Office solutions for every step of your development.

We want you to be able to grow and develop in the best of ways in our office spaces. That is why we offer you a palette of office solutions, which can be combined to fit your current position. Work space on-demand, furnished offices or tailor-made solutions. Grow with us – we are happy to be by your side, along the way.


Active advice makes growing easy.

Our daily contacts with thousands of customers and management groups, as well as collaborations with researchers and experts, have given us unique insights and know-how about the development of work spaces. We offer all our customers support and advice concerning the development and sustainable use of the work place. Pick our brains on how the office can be used as a management tool, how you can influence your usage of energy or how to improve your handling of waste.


A more sustainable workplace.

We were the first ones in Sweden to offer our tenants green contracts and today we supply all our buildings with electricity from renewable energy sources. We regularly develop new services, such as mobility hubs, waste management and other initiatives which enable you to reduce your climate footprint at work, together with us.

Environmentally certified buildings.

Our goal is for all our buildings to be environmentally certified. We primarily use LEED, which is an international system of certifying buildings. At the end of 2021, 94 percent of the stock was environmentally certified, of which 82 percent achieved the Gold or Platinum rating.

The aim of LEED is to change the way buildings and communities are built and run, to enable a sustainable, healthy and socially responsible environment and to improve quality of life. Each building is rated based on several different aspects, including energy sources, choice of materials and the usage of water, as well as waste management indoors and outdoors.



Together towards a climate neutral 2030.

Since 2009, we have more than halved the consumption of energy in our buildings. In 2010 we were the first to offer our tenants green contracts. In 2020, we launched ‘Färdplan 2030’ with the goal of being climate neutral in every step of the value chain in 2030. This is a challenging goal, but we are convinced it is possible. That is, if we do it together, with you and everyone else.

Read more about our work for sustainability here!



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