About the building

Total make over.

Hötorget Building #2 is currently going through a careful but total make-over. The facade is being replaced. Retail spaces on the second floor have been turned into office spaces with panorama windows facing Sergelgatan. Between building 1 and 2, we are installing a glass covered entryway from Sveavägen and Sergelgatan. We are also opening a conference venue on the first floor, allowing you to book extra space for meetings, when needed.

With its characteristic architecture, welcoming ambiance and unique view, this building is a workplace beyond the usual.

Kvinna med blå tröja och mörkt lockigt hår

Step right in!

Walk into Hötorget Building #2 and you’ll be greeted by the light, space and atmosphere in the glass covered entryway. There’s a receptionist to greet your visitors before they take the lift, up to your office. There is also the RC Café & Pâtissserie and flower shop, Blomster-Ringen – if you want to grab a coffee on your way to work or a bunch of flowers to bring home. There is also an entry to the underground station Hötorget straight from the lobby; perfect on a rainy day.


Visionsbild människor som fikar vid bord

Come right up!

From the lobby you take the lift straight up to the newly renovated terrace, Sergelterrassen. It offers a tranquil oasis above Sergelgatan and Sveavägen. Facing Hötorget, you will find Italienskan and Terrazzo with a restaurant and bar. You and your colleagues can enjoy sunny lunches outdoors on the terrace, arrange for fitness training sessions or invite clients for a drink, high above the bustling city.

A sustainable building is a building made of gold. Or, to be precise, platinum.

Hötorget Building #2 has aimed to reach the highest possible environmental certificate– LEED Platinum. Sustainable solutions such as recycled aluminum on the newly renovated facade, a bike room to facilitate travelling and charging stations for e-vehicles, all help to reduce the climate footprint. The building will also have faucets that reduce the water consumption by 50% compared to standard faucets.


  • entry lobby
  • service
  • terrace
  • conference space
  • bike service

What kind of biker are you?

We want to offer you a smooth everyday life – regardless if you are strolling or rolling through town to get to work, commuting from the suburbs or trying to set your personal best every time you run or bike to work. That is why we include lockable bike rooms in the building, free of charge. At an extra charge, you can also have access to a service station with storage and a locker room.

Hop on your bike!

Mötesrum med blå stolar vid runda bord

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