Imagine an office in the front row of life. Newly renovated and with smart planning in every corner. Windows to offer plenty of daylight as well as a stunning view of the city.


Everyone knows where you work.

19 floors high above the city. The Hötorget buildings. Or the five trumpet blasts, as they are fondly called. Their modernistic silhouettes are among the most well-recognized profiles of Stockholm of the 60’s.

Vasakronan’s offices in Hötorget building #2 have now been carefully renovated to serve the future. The house has opened its arms, greeting visitors in a welcoming lobby, with great terraces and offices flooded in daylight, offering stunning views of the city.

An office in the front row.

Hötorget building #2 allows you to work in a dynamic environment, right in the heart of Stockholm. Outside, Sergelgatan has come to life again with new brands and enterprises of the future moving in. The street is characterized by a pulsating mix of shopping, experiences, wining and dining.

Taste a new kitchen and culture during your lunch hour. Sneak into the nearby cinema or to a gallery or exhibition after work. Run errands smoothly and easily. Do something spontaneous and experience something new. All within reach; the city is at your fingertips.

Kollage med laptop, lampor och personer som tränar yoga

Flexibility is our middle name.

With 30 years’ experience, we at Vasakronan have gathered quite a bit of know-how when it comes to the role and future of the workplace. We were on to it at an early stage and the first to offer flexible office contracts.

Hötorget building #2 offers several different office solutions and contract options. Choose an office concept and an interior design that suits and mirrors your business. Our Smart & Ready (Smart & Klart) concept means you can move into a furnished office with your choice of interior design. Our concept Moving in (Inflyttningsklart) supplies you with everything you need – just bring your own furniture and move in.

Mötesrum med blå stolar vid runda bord

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